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Digital books for a digital world. With nearly 25,000 eBooks and audiobooks at your fingertips – from bestsellers to classics to nonfiction to children's titles – you'll always have something to read. 

Plus, Overdrive now has magazines! Browse nearly 3000 titles, check out as many as you’d like. You can learn more below, under “Basics”.    


Libby is the new app from OverDrive. New features and benefits include: ease of use, no Adobe ID required, faster performance, powerful search with customizable browsing options, and simplified download settings. 

If you’d like to give Libby a try, see our step-by-step directions under the “Instructions” section below!

View this tutorial for help getting started with the Libby app!

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  • OverDrive magazines, ebooks, and audiobooks checkout for 7, 14, or 21 days. You can change your default checkout period under your account settings.
  • You can checkout 10 OverDrive eBooks or audiobooks at a time. Overdrive items can be returned early.
  • Magazine checkouts do not count against your checkout limit.
  • You must be logged in to see magazines.
  • You may have to place a hold on an item if the item is checked out to another patron.
  • You can have up to 15 titles on hold at a time.
  • You will never receive an overdue fine from a digital item. The digital item's file will automatically stop working at the end of the checkout period.



Getting Started

Libby App Instructions
(iOS Devices, Android Devices, Windows 10 Devices)

OverDrive Website Instructions

OverDrive for Kindle Instructions

Additional Guides

The original Overdrive App: Libby is the recommended app for accessing your Overdrive shelf. However, if you would prefer to continue using the original Overdrive App, please visit this Overdrive Help page.

MP3 players: If you would like to download and transfer audiobooks to an MP3 players, please visit this OverDrive Help page for more information.

Dedicated eReaders: If you are using an eReader that is not a multipurpose tablet or a Kindle, please visit this OverDrive Help page for more information.

If you can't find your platform or device here, please see OverDrive's full list for more information.  


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For detailed walkthroughs and help with more technical questions related to this service, the OverDrive app or website, or the Libby app, including specific device help and error codes, please visit the OverDrive Help Page or Libby Help Page

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