Dead Until Dark

Sookie was saving herself for someone special. Who knew it would be a vampire named Bill?

Dead Until Dark is the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series, on which the HBO series True Blood is based. Sookie Stackhouse is an orphaned twenty-something waitress who lives with her grandmother in the fictional Louisiana small town of Bon Temps. She has never had a relationship with a man because her“disability”- she can read minds-makes it impossible. However, things start to turn around when vampire Bill moves to town. While Sookie is discovering what it means to be in a relationship with a vampire, the bodies start to pile up in Bon Temps as a murderer preys on women known to be “fangbangers.” When her brother Jason is implicated in the murders, Sookie must try to clear his name and avoid becoming one of the victims.

Harris’s first book is a fun and easy read that introduces readers to the small town of Bon Temps and its inhabitants. Those familiar with the HBO series True Blood will find many similarities as well as many differences between the book and the series. The book allows the reader to gain a new perspective on the characters and really see them as Harris wrote them. It is a romance and a mystery wrapped in a supernatural package.