American Hardcore: The History Of American Punk Rock 1980-1986

All the Hardcore Punk that matters!

With the first wave of punk the idea was to return to the raw sound of early rock and roll.  With hardcore punk the idea was to make that sound even faster and much more raw.  American Hardcore music was also the forefront of the DIY (Do it yourself) movement where many of these original recordings were produced by the bands themselves, they also put out their own records, and booked their own shows in any place that would allow it.  The result is a very interesting time in American music that has lasting repercussions even today.  This compilation is actually a soundtrack to a film of the same name and serves as a showcase for this musical movement.  Featuring songs from the well known bands like Black Flag, The Bad Brains, and The Dead Kennedys, but the also less well know including Detroit's Negative Approach.   If you want an earful of ultra fast raw music look no further!