The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet

  • Type: Ebooks
  • By: Becky Chambers
  • Age Category: Adults
  • Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy/Horror
  • Recommended by: Morgan D.
  • ISBN/UPC: 9780062444127
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found SPACE

Be warned that hard sci fi isn't really my cup of tea. BUT. I'm a sucker for scrappy found families, and anthropological world-building of alien cultures (think Ursula K. LeGuin). Becky Chambers's The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet scratched those itches in a big way.
The roguish crew of the Wayfarer, including its charming AI, Lovelace, has taken on a new member, Rosemary, experiencing the wider galaxy and many of its species for the first time on a dangerous mission into a warzone. Think Firefly but better: you'll be delighted.