a beautiful, emotionally honest film about modern love

The Hollywood meet-cute doesn't make a lot of sense in the modern world, where it's more common for couples to decide they're interested in pursuing a relationship during the awkward morning-after of a one night stand. Weekend navigates this territory beautifully, in a story that feels like a contemporary update of Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise.
Russell (a lovely, understated Tom Cullen) is a gentle, patient slacker; he has the rumpled countenance of one just-woken-up, a little bit stoned, or, most often, both. Out at a dismal gay club in his dismal hometown, he picks up Glen (Chris New, also lovely), a bold and opinionated artist who occasionally crosses the fine line between endearing and crass. The next morning, the film's romantic tension grows: a mumbled goodbye coffee spools out into something warmer and livelier, full of arguments and sex and personal revelations. It's a resolutely unconventional love story, artfully shot in the washed-out sunlight of a drab English flat, powered by a terrifically understated script and a pair of excellent performances. As soon as I was done watching it, I wanted to start all over again.