To End All Wars

  • Type: Ebooks
  • By: Adam Hochschild
  • Age Category: Adults
  • Genre: Non-Fiction
  • Recommended by: Morgan D.
  • ISBN/UPC: 9780547549217
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A novelistic history of dissent during the first world war

Inasmuch as Hochschild’s To End All Wars is a history of the British at the Western front during the first world war, it’s readable and inoffensive, but fairly unremarkable. But the war isn’t his primary subject: that honor goes to the various individuals and social movements actively dissenting against England’s involvement in the war. We are introduced to upper-class suffragettes and working-class radicals among countless others, whose shifting loyalties and evolving philosophies didn’t stop the war, but did reshape the country that emerged in its wake. Hochschild’s focus on the characters and relationships embroiled in this conflict makes his book compelling and readable, even for those of us who aren’t history buffs.