My Education

A sexy ‘90s campus coming-of-age novel, with gorgeous writing and amazingly real characters

In Choi’s My Education, bright Regina is a graduate student studying literature at a Northeastern university. She’s been warned about the lecherous professor Nicholas Brodeur, but is immediately stunned by both his intellect and his beauty, and tentatively moves into his circle of influence. The book takes a sharp turn when, instead of letting herself be seduced by Brodeur, she seduces his wife, Martha, starting a passionate affair that is doomed from the very beginning.

Choi’s characters are absolutely believable in their many charms and flaws and cruelties, and she has a fantastic grasp on the early-‘90s academic scene. But the real reason to recommend My Education is the writing itself. Choi’s brilliant sentences, even the ones that aren’t describing sex, are as sinuous and sexy as any I’ve read.