Generation Kill

A gritty, realistic miniseries about Marines in the Iraq War, by the creators of The Wire

Generation Kill is a devastating, brilliant miniseries about the realities of modern warfare, based on a book by journalist Evan Wright. The TV adaptation was written by David Simon and Ed Burns, the writing team that created HBO’s masterful series about the Baltimore drug trade, The Wire. In that show, Simon and Burns displayed their talent for telling dramatic stories in a gritty, realistic, and unflinching style that has enormous real-world relevance without ever sinking into melodrama. They continue in that vein here, telling the story of the elite marine reconnaissance unit that led the first invasion of the Iraq war. It is impossible not to compare Generation Kill to another HBO war drama, Band of Brothers – both are dramatic retellings of the relationships between men in the midst of war. But where Band of Brothers leans heavily on a bloated soundtrack and stylish cinematography to create heroes out of men, Generation Kill does the opposite. The only music to be found is the off key singing of men going into battle, and the camera only watches without judgment as the unit makes its way through the desert, leaving destruction in its wake.