Cave of Forgotten Dreams

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  • Age Category: Adults
  • Genre: Informational
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  • ISBN/UPC: 030306979298
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Awe inspiring cave paintings of creatures from 35,000 years ago

In 1994 three cave explorers found a crack in a hillside in the south of France that led to a wonder; a cave undisturbed since a landslide buried it about 25,000 years ago. Parts of it were covered with extremely well preserved cave paintings showing over 25 different species of Ice Age creatures, including uncommon ones like lions, and cave bears, as well as more typical subjects like horses, and bison. This documentary from writer, director, and narrator Werner Herzog gives a beautifully detailed, and atmospheric look at this ancient art. There are some interviews with the investigators, but the paintings are the stars of the show. The art is beautiful, the narration is great, and the music transmits a feeling of deep history. Recommended for fans of art, and of archaeology.