Star Island

  • Type: Audiobooks
  • By: Carl Hiaasen
  • Age Category: Adults
  • Genre: Mystery & Suspense
  • Recommended by: Peg M.
  • ISBN/UPC: 9780739385128
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Laugh out loud whacky!

If you have read or listened to any of Carl Hiaasen’s books, then you know they are laugh out loud whacky. Star Island is no exception and Stephen Hoye does an excellent job of reading the book with an off-beat yet dead-pan delivery. Cherry Pye is a pop star who is one drug and alcohol binge after another. She is wasted so much of the time that her parents have hired a double to go out in public whenever Cherry is indisposed. There are plenty of people depending on the money from a successful comeback tour, including a manager, three deadbeat brothers, and her mother, who insists on calling Cherry’s binges gastritis. There’s also a body guard with a weed whacker attachment instead of a hand. Cherry’s double, Ann, gets kidnapped by a bumbling, obsessed paparazzo named Bang Abbott. When he realizes that he has the wrong girl, he hatches a wild scheme that actually convinces Cherry’s group of handlers to trade Cherry for the double!

As usual, Hiaasen has written multiple story lines which all merge into one, big nutty, satire. Skink, the former governor of Florida now living wild in a mangrove swamp, makes an appearance in the story. This reoccurring character in Hiaasen’s books is a crusader for saving the ever endangered Florida environment. His crusades usually involve teaching a lesson to someone whose greed is destroying what is left of Florida’s natural beauty. In Star Island, an unscrupulous, realtor ends up tied to a tree, in a diaper containing a live sea urchin.

Stephen Hoye’s rendition of Star Island is fabulous. It makes listening to Hiaasen’s book the icing on the cake.