Mobile Hotspot: Mobile Beacon

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  • Mobile Hotspot utilizing Mobile Beacon service
  • Micro-USB Charger


The mobile hotspot can be used anywhere* to get a wireless signal and connect any Wi-Fi enabled mobile device, laptop computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. to the Internet. *A strong cellular signal is needed; if you're in a location where you do not get cell phone service, the mobile hotspot will not work either.

This hotspot utilizes the Educational Broadband Service spectrum band with service currently provided by the T-Mobile network and has download speeds that average 6-8 Mbps, with peaks of 25. Speed depends on your location, view T-Mobile's network coverage at Learn more about Mobile Beacon at

Basic instructions:

  1. Charge the hotspot, if needed.
  2. Turn on the hotspot and wait for it to establish a connection.
  3. On your WiFi enabled device, locate the WiFi network, connect to it, and supply the password. The WiFi network name and password are on the back of the device.

CAUTION: Please avoid overcharging hotspot, which may result in overheating. Unplug the hotspot after charging to avoid overheating. Note the hotspot may become warm while charging, which is not a malfunction. However, stop using immediately if it becomes extremely hot. 


General Policies

This item is available for check out to CADL cardholders age 18 and older. Borrowers must sign the required Library of Things Agreement acknowledging financial responsibility for lost or damaged equipment.

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  • adults may check out 1 LOT Thing and 1 LOT Jr Thing at a time


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