Dash Robot & iPad Kit

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  • Dash Robot
  • USB to micro USB cord
  • 1 Launcher (in two parts)
  • 3 Launcher balls
  • Bulldozer bar
  • Xylophone
  • Mallet
  • iPad in case
  • iPad sleeve
  • iPad lightning cable
  • iPad charger


Dash is a real robot, ready to play! The included iPad has all the Wonder Workshop apps installed so you can do all sorts of amazing things with Dash. The Wonder app has a picture-based coding language enabling children to create detailed behaviors for Dash. With the Path app, you can draw a route on the iPad and then tell Dash to follow it. Hook up the included xylophone and mallet and use the Xylo app to get Dash to play you a song and make your own music. With Blockly, learn the concepts of coding, and complete projects and puzzles. With the Go app, take Dash for a spin, blink his eye, and more. Included are Dash’s bulldozer bar and launcher, you can code Dash to clear a path or launch the balls at targets. 


The iPad only has Wonder Workshop apps installed to use with Dash. Bluetooth must be on for Dash to work with the iPad. The included iPad can connect to a wireless network to access additional Dash projects, but an internet connection is not required. A web browser is not included on the iPad. Please refrain from changing any settings except for the wireless network connection. Thank you!

Loan Period and Fines

This item's loan period is two weeks.
A $5 per day fee will be applied if material is returned late.


General Policies

This item is available for check out to CADL cardholders age 18 and older. Borrowers must sign the required Library of Things Agreement acknowledging financial responsibility for lost or damaged equipment.