Check Me Out

Contents (2 Bags)

  • Portable Badminton Net 
  • 4 Badminton Racquets
  • 4 Racquet Covers 
  • 1 Racquet Bag
  • Shuttlecocks


Play badminton anywhere with this indoor/outdoor portable badminton set. This badminton set is ultra-durable and easy to set up. Comes with 4 badminton racquets and 6 shuttlecocks. 

Loan Period and Fines

This item's loan period is two weeks.
A $5 per day fee will be applied if material is returned late.
We understand that shuttlecocks can break or easily get lost. You will not be charged for up to 2 lost or broken shuttlecocks. 


General Policies

This item is available for check out to CADL cardholders age 18 and older. Borrowers must sign the required Library of Things Agreement acknowledging financial responsibility for lost or damaged equipment.

CADL circulates many unexpected items. Many have different loan rules. See the quick details here. Item's individual pages have further details.

Library of Things (LOT)

  • check out for 2 weeks
  • patrons ages 18+ only
  • must sign agreement
  • patrons may only check out 1 Thing at a time (patrons may still check out other items that are not in LOT collection)
  • late fines vary


  • check out for 2 weeks
  • any age
  • late fines $2.50/day

Raising Reader Backpacks (RRB) and Dolls

  • check out for 3 weeks
  • any age
  • late fines 20¢/day 


  • vary by pass, read pass details