There's Nothing "Ghostly" about CADL Aurelius

At one time, Aurelius was a booming town with stores, post office and even a hotel! I’ve been told that it's now officially a ghost town. The definition of "ghost town" is a community that once had a zip code and post office but no longer does, so technically Aurelius does fit that definition.


Despite that, the Aurelius branch of Capital Area District Libraries is alive and well, working to meet the needs of those who live here. What are we doing that keeps us a vibrant part of our community?


1. We are a senior center. Every month we offer Reminisce programs, classic movies and coffee talk sessions tailored to local seniors.


2. We offer economical options to families. Borrowing our books, movies and more is free to CADL members. We also offer free events such as summer reading programs and family-friendly movies. 


3. We support literacy for all ages, offering preschool storytimes, adult book discussions, and an extensive digital and physical collection of books.


4. We reach out into the community, providing support to schools, library information to churches, and distributing Book Pages at Darrell’s Market. 


5. We are constantly working to meet your needs. Knowing that internet services in the township are difficult to find, we provide free 24/7 wireless and loan out free mobile hotspots. We are planning a new curbside service so we can deliver items right to your vehicle. And in an ever-more impersonal world, our friendly staff provides great service. 


If you don’t have a CADL membership, now is a great time to get one! Stop by during out open hours or sign up for a card right on our website.