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The Mead Family Collection


This page is part of the Mead Family Collection.

About the Family

Azel Mead (1785 to 1871) is the earliest member of the Mead family that appears in this collection.  He was buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery in Mason but all of the present documents relating to him place him in Ohio.  He may have followed his one known son, George G. Mead, to Mason after divorcing his wife Sydia in 1857.

George G. Mead purchased a plot of land in Ingham County, Michigan in 1850 from Arnold and Mathilda Walker and he supported his family by running the Phoenix Mills in Mason, Michigan.  George had four children with his wife Minerva Jeanette (White) Mead (1831 to 1913).  The couple actively participated in the local spiritualist movement and they were members of the Haslett Park Club which had a yearly retreat on Lake Lansing.

George and Minerva's oldest child was Helen G. Mead (1850 to 1936).  Helen married three times first to Elias Culver (1847 to 1931) then to Dr. William W. Campbell, M. D. (1845 to 1902), and finally to Charles M. Rathburn (1846 to 1935).  She lived both in Mason, Michigan and in Atchison, Kansas.

Helen G. Mead's only child was George Culver Campbell (1871 to 1960).  There is no known documentation regarding George's paternity.  It is possible that either Dr. Campbell or Mr. Culver was his father.  He primarily went by George Culver Campbell.  George never married and had no known children but he was known to have kept in close contact with his cousin Mildred Mead.

George G. Mead's second child was a daughter named Delia Louella (1854 to 1934).  She married Lewis Cass Webb (1848 to 1934) the son of Lucy Potter and George B. Webb.  The couple had no children.

Very little is known about George and Minerva's third child Ivan Mead (1856 to 1923).  He was married to a woman named Louise (1861 to 1923) and they died in the same year.

Minerva Mead's fourth and last child was Wilton S. Mead (1860 to 1928).  Wilton married a woman named Carminta and moved to Kansas.  He worked as a foreman on the Missouri Pacific Railroad for 25 years before retiring.  The couple raised three daughters in Kansas most likely in the area near Republic.

Wilton's oldest daughter, Helen G. Mead, was likely named after her paternal aunt.  Her exact birth year is unknown but can be estimated at about 1888.  She married Fred Nitcher but the couple had no children.  While there is no clear documentation Helen likely lived out most of her life in Kansas.

Mildred Mead (1900 to 1991) was Wilton Mead's second daughter.  She worked as a school teacher in Republic, Kansas when she was a young woman then eventually moved back to Mason, Michigan.  She married Colonel Lorenzo Holmes (1889 to 1965) but the couple had no children.

The youngest of Wilton's children, Ruth Mead (1905 to 1995) married Glen Kasparek (1910 to 1984).  The couple had no children.

Additionally, other family members, both more distant relations of the Meads and relatives of those who married into the family, are mentioned in the materials related to this collection.  There are no known surviving relatives.

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