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The Mead Family Collection


This image gallery is part of the Mead Family Collection.

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Selected Family Documents

Letters between family members, invitations, and many other items are included in the Mead Family Collection.  These items provide insight into the daily lives of these individuals and the family as a whole.  A small selection of these items have been digitized and made available here. A complete list of the available materials can be found in the Finding Aid (PDF). 

George Campbell Report Card
George Campbell Report Card
The 2nd term report card for George Campbell, grade 6 Atchison Public Schools
Azel Mead Divorce Papers /files/cache/wm_18798b8c3f0f419b07889b4d30f6c446.jpg
George Campbell Report Card /files/cache/wm_94176637f378f931fd53abed83139d25.jpg
Letter From George Culver Campbell to Minerva J. Mead /files/cache/wm_841e6db140cb5ffe1ae3b43077279d78.jpg
Property Tax Receipt /files/cache/wm_179eae10b4348b4a13ae7a6645de9fc9.jpg
Republic High School Graduation /files/cache/wm_5bbaaa8679d314923866c224d51eaaae.jpg
Templar Certificate /files/cache/wm_a3ae8857a0281cb3fed2cf1a63869b8d.jpg
Letter From George to His Mother /files/cache/wm_b864c8a812d13dded414a8f7aad7331e.jpg
Webb Wooden Wedding Invitation /files/cache/wm_45dcede98a434a4f7d1cf166f222f0c6.jpg
Cadillac High School Commencement /files/cache/wm_bf499582e033a7519057d79fec615edf.jpg
Cadillac High School Commencement /files/cache/wm_d686489d19405c02a20688416bf19e28.jpg
Cadillac High School Commencement /files/cache/wm_d9c692371542d3a87570aa0561c74bef.jpg
Cadillac High School Commencement /files/cache/wm_daef92351969df69a2cd214be47f576a.jpg
Letter From Wilton S. Mead to Mildred Mead /files/cache/wm_b887aa06d3d6e618796e74337e649b48.jpg
Letter From Wilton S. Mead to Mildred Mead /files/cache/wm_32181214d4100268d8e92199e15f4355.jpg
Wilton S. Mead Business Card /files/cache/wm_9d2dcbc7d7a7d89241e891fa14214ca2.jpg
Wilton S. Mead Business Card /files/cache/wm_77f86bb0b860e58270f36ce3280b8b30.jpg
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