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In the Flesh

In the Flesh

Recommended by Sara D.

Zombies have hearts too (even if they're not exactly beating).

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Inequality for All

Inequality for All

Recommended by Deb M.

A passionate argument on behalf of the middle class

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Recommended by Denelle H.

Tired of predictable, underwhelming movies?

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Search Tips

You can search for words in titles or series titles; people associated with the film (actors, screenwriters, directors, producers, etc.); subjects;keywords; etc.

  • Example
  • Indiana Jones
  • Steven Spieldberg
  • Archaeologists

The default is to search for DVDs. You may choose to search for VHS and/or Blu-Ray by checking those options. 

Note: To find movies filmed in a different language, do a call number search.

  • Example
  • Hin DVD will find all films in Hindi. 

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