Books: On Order

On Order

Adult Romance

These are romance books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them. 

Sorensen, Jessica
Balogh, Mary.
Young, Samantha.
Eicher, Jerry S.
Campbell, Angela
Brogan, Tracy, author.
Picano, Felice (EDT)
Mehl, Nancy.
Mann, Catherine
Owens, Robin D.
Cassidy, Dakota.
Reynard, Sylvain.
Burton, Jaci.
Leigh, Lora.
Clare, Jessica/ Frederick, Jen
Armentrout, Jennifer L.
Cole, Kresley
Malpas, Jodi Ellen
McCarty, Sarah, author.
Landon, Sydney
Landon, Sydney, author.
Ivy, Alexandra, author.
Howell, Hannah, author.
Lillard, Amy, author.
Allure, Kate
Kaye, Robin, author.
Bussel, Rachel Kramer (EDT)
Solheim, Tracy, author.
Lowe, Fiona, author.
Peterson, Jessica, author.
Kelly, Erika, author.
King, Tiffany.
Hill, Joey W.
London, Julia
Vining, Season.
Lane, Katie (Western love story writer), author.
Erwin, Sherri Browning, author.
Romain, Theresa, author.
Broday, Linda, author.
York, Rebecca
Eason, Lynette, author.
Scott, Bronwyn, 1967- author.
West, Annie (Romantic fiction writer), author.
Shaw, Chantelle, author.
Pammi, Tara, author.
Mortimer, Carole, author.
Morgan, Sarah, 1948- author.
Green, Abby, author.
Blake, Maya, author.
Williams, Cathy, author.
Sharpe, Isabel, author.
Scott, Bronwyn, 1967- author.
Hunter, Samantha, author.
Hoffmann, Kate, author.
Green, Abby, author.
Graham, Lynne, 1956- author.
Carr, Susanna, author.
Yates, Maisey, author.
Morgan, Angi, author.
Giordano, Adrienne, author.
Morgan, Angi, author.
Wayne, Joanna, author.
Eden, Cynthia, author.
Sims, Joanna (Love story writer), author.
Kirk, Cindy, author.
Harlen, Brenda, author.
Lacey, Helen (Writer of love stories), author.
Pade, Victoria, author.
Post, Carol J, author.
Eagle, Kathleen, author.
Miles, Cassie, author.
Hoover, Colleen/ Fisher, Tarryn
Hubbard, Charlotte
Brockmann, Suzanne, author.
Laurens, Stephanie
Bernard, Jennifer
Springer, Kathryn.
Brogan, Tracy, author.
Wiggs, Susan
Bond, Primula
Frost, Jeaniene
Guhrke, Laura Lee
Dimon, HelenKay
Terry, Candis
Bailey, Tessa
Bussel, Rachel Kramer (EDT)/ Pineiro, Caridad (INT)
Antoniou, Laura (EDT)
Showalter, Gena
Burrowes, Grace
Burrowes, Grace
Jones, Gwen.
Scott, Jessica
Wright, Kristina (EDT)/ Tyler, Alison (INT)
Allison, Shane (EDT)
Small, Bertrice
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