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These picture books are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top).

Invites young readers to learn about colors, using simple, rhyming text and underwater photographs of various dogs swimming to fetch their favorite, colorful toys.
The very busy--and hungry--Paddington Bear enjoys breakfast with Jonathan and Judy, then tea with Mrs. Bird, before the end of the day arrives and he hangs up his duffel coat and lies down to rest his sleepy head.
Rhyming verses catalogue a profusion of amusing, unusual, imaginative, and incredible things that can be thought about.
Kay Kay decides to paint a picture of an animal for each letter of the alphabet on the bright white walls of a new classroom in his village of Bungoma, Kenya, but deciding which animals to portray may be a problem.
Discover how a precious bunny named Berry, a prancing puppy named Pumpkin, a seafaring kitten named Treasure, and a performing pup named Teacup became royal Palace Pets.
An adaptation of the classic nursery rhyme that offers clumsy Humpty Dumpty a happier ending.
Froggy tries to find just the right costume for Halloween and although his trick-or-treating does not go as he had planned, he enjoys himself anyway.
Farley the frog has a problem --he can't stop farting. While his sister thinks it's funny, his parents and his teacher are not amused. The doctor says it's only gas and it will pass. The trouble is, it does. Farley tries to control himself, but the result…
Resisting bedtime because she thinks everyone else is having fun without her, Cowbella and her Pajanimal friends visit Mr. Moon, who takes them around town to reveal how everyone else is sleeping peacefully in their beds
Introduces young readers to shapes, using die-cut pages to gradually reveal the parts of a very large creature that lived a long time ago.
George is a young and courageous explorer, determined to track down the elusive Yeti against all the odds. With only a map, a woolly hat and a tin of spaghetti in his rucksack, George sets off on his quest up the steep mountain path... and spots the Yeti …
A precocious little girl named Renee and her wily father go to the Audubon Zoo. Renee has a great time, but the animals are a little less active and a little more sleepy than she expected. Her father tells her that when the people go home, the animals com…
A large, spotted animal discovers he really belongs in a circus, not a zoo.
Encourages young readers to lift the flap to discover what baby animal belongs to each set of parents.
When Dora and Boots travel to a magical land called Fairytale Land, they help the enchanted creatures find water for the rainbow vine that gives Fairytale Land its magic.
Rhyming text counts groups of one to ten animals, which are illustrated with finger and thumb prints, and relates their activities.
Dad seems to get into more trouble than the children do, but it turns out he is not such a bad dad after all.
Thirteen stories feature Thomas the tank engine and his friends having a series of adventures on the island of Sodor.
Collects six Fancy Nancy stories, including "Splendid Speller," wherein Nancy, who loves to use fancy words, comes up against a tough spelling quiz and is faced with a difficult decision.
Follows Paddington bear as he makes his rounds at the Portobello market, where all the shopkeepers greet him by name and where he runs a very special--and tasty--errand for Mr. Gruber.
A playful, young otter learns how to paddle with his hind feet, use his powerful tail as a rudder, and root in the river bottom mud for crayfish.
Although he sees no need for more books to read, Bear agrees to accompany Mouse to the library.
Three little bears set out, on a dark night, to explore a mysterious hollow tree and, once inside, make surprising discovery after surprising discovery.
"Doug the robot takes a hands-on approach to learning about farm life when the family car gets stuck in a ditch on the way to visit the grandbots"--Provided by publisher.
Little green peas make their way into collections of objects of many different colors, from blue boats, seas, and flags, to orange balloons, umbrellas, and fizzy drinks.
Simple, vibrant illustrations depict one everyday object for each letter of the alphabet.
When their first day of school arrives, Brobee and Toodee are nervous, but Plex helps them realize school is nothing to fear, and instead is a fun place for learning new things.
In preparation for Halloween night, a family visits Mr. Comstock's farm to pick apples and pumpkins.
When a giant octopus entangled in fishing line is washed ashore during a big storm and becomes stranded on the beach, a young boy and girl, assisted by various sea creatures, push and pull him back to sea. Includes endnotes on marine life, lighthouses, an…
Celebrates a toddler's growing comfort with such things as hearing loud noises and being left with a babysitter.
A collection of Halloween stories featuring Disney characters includes Rapunzel planning a Halloween party, Nemo and his friends searching a sunken ship, and Vanellope and Ralph stumbling upon a haunted house.
After Francine invites her to a party, Olivia spends a lot of time choosing an outfit and learning her manners, but when she reaches the party, she can see that it is a casual affair.
After realizing that one of her buttons is missing a little girl goes out to search for it.
A little boy imagines all the things that can be done with pebbles.
After running away from her aunt's big bulldog and into the apartment building elevator, Kate takes a strange elevator ride with several monsters before making a sweet discovery.
In this twist on "Little Red Riding Hood," a certain wolf trains to be a ninja in order to catch his prey, but he is not the only one mastering a martial art.
Presents a series of situations in which taking chances and trying new things can lead to good results, even if there were mistakes along the way.
Olivia explains all the ways she helps her mother care for her brothers, from helping with the stroller to putting the babies to sleep.
Combines boldly colored photography and affirming text in an upbeat approach to elementary childhood milestones that encourages young children to practice such independent skills as tying shoes, making beds, and writing letters and numbers.
"A little boy explains what it's like to go to school--when you're a ninja"--Provided by publisher.
A boy's search for the perfect pet leads him to the bookstore, where he finds a bright red book that becomes his best friend.
"Eric's Big Day is an illustrated children's story about a little boy named Eric who rides his bicycle through his village to join his friend Emily for a picnic. As Eric pedals from his house, his trip is slowed as he aids wayward bike riders using helpfu…
Introduces young readers to counting and opposites by following the antics of Farmer Bo's bunnies.
Livi imagines herself as an elephant, a Sherpa leading an expedition up Mount Everest, and a movie star signing autographs as she tries to avoid going to school.
Follow Princess Cupcake Jones as she searches the royal castle for her beloved tutu, and learns the importance of cleaning up.
When three little hamsters are tired of being called cute, they work on disguises to become bigger and scarier.
Features a sequence of mice who offer advice on the elements of proper pet care as demonstrated by their interactions with their pet bumblebees, ladybugs, and butterflies.
When Ella the elephant goes to the carnival and loses her lucky hat in a storm, she learns a valuable lesson about the real meaning of luck.
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