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Books: New at CADL

New at CADL

New Kids Picture Books

These picture books are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top).

When a boy and his aunt find that a bigot has written hurtful words on the sidewalk just outside the candy shop owned by "Miz Chu", a new immigrant from Taiwan, they set out to comfort her.
A blue macaw sighting in the Amazon sends Blu and Jewel on a trip to find more of their kind.
"The Amazon has a cool new groove, and everyone is getting swept up in the beat. From Carnaval auditions to celebrations with new family and friends, all of the best talent in the jungle is on display. Will Nigel be distracted from his search for Blu by g…
Tweezle wants to prove he is a big boy and help out around the house, but he ends up getting in the way. When an even smaller friend needs help, Tweezle's big idea might just save the day.
Best friends Rosie and Rex cannot decide what to play until a new friend helps them compromise.
I'll Never Let You Go, speaks straight to a parent's heart. It's the story of Edward (a bear) and his best friend Blankie, a fuzzy blue fabric scrap. Blankie is as real as any human friend with emotions and idiosyncrasies to match: cuddly, thoughtful, kin…
When a little girl learns that she will have to put her face in the water during swimming lessons, she and her doll, Bitty Baby, overcome their fear with a story about ducklings who learn to swim
Nancy gets to attend a wedding reception and even helps out the bride on her special day.
When an evil fairy disguises herself as a powerful sorceress to take over a Tri-Kingdom Area feast, Sofia forms an unlikely team with Clover, Cedric and Wormwood to protect her family and amulet.
On their way to have lunch together, two friends have an argument but when they go their separate ways, each misses his buddy.
"Once upon a time, Old MacDonald didn't have a farm. He just had a yard--a yard he didn't want to mow. But then, under the direction of the wise (and ecologically sensitive) Little Red Hen, Mac learns to look at the environment in a very different way, an…
Babar pays an official visit to Washington, D.C., then travels around the United States, receiving an honorary degree from Harvard University, fishing in Lake Michigan, and touring California with his family.
By the time the Velveteen Rabbit is dirty, worn out, and about to be burned, he has almost given up hope of ever finding the magic called Real.
"A new spin on "Sleeping Beauty" told from the perspective of a little mouse who can't get to sleep because of the princess's very loud snoring"--Provided by publisher.
Discover different type of dreams and see some amazing things we can do in dreams that we can't do when we are awake.
One hundred monkeys are hunting for food in this colorful counting book, but something else -- something big and scary -- is hungry, too! Young readers will find page-turning action on every page -- and more than 100 reasons to take a second look.
Pig and Rabbit decide to put on a play.
Introduces young readers to the numbers one through ten using illustrations featuring insects, with a conversation starter for each illustration at the end of the book.
"The acrobat works in a circus, but nobody notices him. He decides to leave and find a new audience, but even his very best tricks fail to catch anyone's attention. But just as the acrobat is about to give up hope altogether, something extraordinary happe…
Help little ones prepare for their bedtime routine in this Touch & Feel book featuring a padded blanket, soft pajamas, grippy slippers, and more. With a sparkling new look, these bestselling DK classics are sure to become favorites for a whole new gen…
Flip-pages show faces of various baby animals.
When asked if they would ever shave their beards, the Robertsons explain why they would never do that.
Introduces the concept of point of view through the prince's retelling of the classic fairy tale "The Frog Prince" -- Provided by publisher.
"The Pigeon is dirty and he needs a bath, but he won't go willingly"--Provided by publisher.
When baboon comes to take a photo of the tallest animals in the world, there is just one small problem-- Geri is the shortest giraffe in the world!
Bela's lost her Ma! With the help of a whole new host of friends including an intrepid goat and a man who walks on air, Bela sets off to find her Ma in Neha Singh's whimsical tale, rendered by Sonal Gupta in the jewel-toned hues of an Indian summer.
Colorful pictures and rhyming text help children guess what animal is peeking through the die-cut windows.
In simple text this book follows the daily activities of a young boy who is always the first in every activity--waking up, eating breakfast, playing, and getting ready for bed.
In simple rhyming text, children visit the local farmers' market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and then return home to cook a feast.
Split pages, the top half with animal torsos, and the bottom half with different legs, invite the child to mix and match.
A humorous story about the absurd excuses for not doing homework.
"The River tells four stories about life on the Po River, one story for each of the four seasons"--Provided by publisher.
"Mia's big brother Spencer never seems to have time to play with her. But with a little imagination and lot of love, Mia shows Spencer it's a lot more fun to be busy together"--Provided by publisher.
Using simple text and interactive die-cut pages, introduces young readers to what can be found at the beach, including animals, boats, and sand castles.
Using simple text and interactive die-cut pages, introduces young readers to what can be found on farms, including crops, animals, and vehicles.
Using simple text and interactive die-cut pages, introduces young readers to different places, people, and things that can be found in cities, including vehicles, playground equipment, and common school supplies.
From butterflies and moths to crickets and cicadas, a rhyming exploration of backyard-bug behavior.
When Bear tries to see the sunrise but always oversleeps, Little Bird makes a suggestion.
A little girl on her way to visit her grandmother meets a hungry wolf in the forest, in a version of the classic tale retold with a single word or brief phrase and an accompanying illustration on each spread.
A tired and hungry little girl helps herself to the belongings of three bears in the woods, in a version of the classic tale retold with a single word or brief phrase and an accompanying illustration on each spread.
When Cuckoo hatches and does not speak the same language as the rest of his family, he bravely sets out to find someone who can understand him.
Using simple text and interactive die-cut pages, introduces young readers to zoos, including the animals and gift shop items.
When Penguin Pete returns home, a penguin with a pretty beak who gives him flowers is among those who welcome him, and Pete sets out to find and marry the love of his life.
The Bunny family has a busy and exciting day on a family outing in town, on a farm, and at the port.
When Donut the bear is told his story is over and he has to leave, he employs trickery so the story can go on.
Early bird wakes up and begins a search for breakfast.
When the Joker breaks three villains out of jail, the Super Friends rush to stop them from causing trouble in Gotham City.
Flip orders a "perfect pet" from the Internet but neither the leash nor the remote control may be enough when Motor Dog decides to go after Scoot the Cat.
After playtime, Little Tiger has to pick up all his toys.
Little Monkey feels sad, mad and angry all at once--he needs to learn how to calm down.
Little Lion likes to play, but he has to learn how to share.
"Little Green only knows one word: 'Go!' It's the perfect thing to get the construction site moving, but how will they stop?"-- Provided by publisher.
When a group of weasels plot to take over the world, they encounter some technical difficulties.
Maisy and her friends enjoy an adventure-filled movie as they go to the cinema for the first time.
When two very different boys meet they are terrified until they find some common ground.
"Rupert the rooster is tired from rising early to wake everyone on the farm up. Will his friend Sherman the sheep be able to do the job?"--Provided by publisher.
When something goes wrong on the farm, Ernie the duck is determined to help out, but no matter how hard he tries, nothing goes quite as he plans.
On her second birthday, Sophie gets up on the wrong side of the crib and behaves terribly until her grandmother has an inspiration.
Join Peppa and her spirited family as they shoo away birds and "monsta" snails, imitate butterflies and worms, make a scarecrow, and gather ingredients for a fresh salad and Granny Pig's delicious blackberry pie.
After losing its ball out the window, a small mammal comes up with a clever solution to try to retrieve it.
Two robots are belching the alphabet before burping by tens while blindfolded, juggling, and skateboarding.
From birth to football games to college graduation to fatherhood, a mother reminds her son that life is filled with possibilities and that God has a plan for him---whatever he grows up to be. Bible verses are interspersed throughout the text.
Little Elephant uses his big ears to listen to his parents.
"Cozy Classics is the popular board book series that presents well-loved stories through twelve child-friendly words and twelve needle-felted illustrations. Jane Austen's Emma: Despite Mr. Knightley's objections, Emma is determined to see her friend Harri…
The imaginary antics of a hamster with a humongous appetite who grows to enormous size.
A child has a very difficult time getting Fred, the dog, to bed.
"A young girl finds a wood duckling separated from his family and teaches him to swim, hunt for bugs, and how to fly. She loved him just enough so that he could find his place in nature and return to his family"-- Provided by the publisher.
When Cajun fisherman Jacques encounters a magical wish-granting catfish, his wife, Jolie, wishes for many things, including a paddleboat and the title of Mardi Gras queen.
When Ella the elephant goes to the carnival and loses her lucky hat in a storm, she learns a valuable lesson about the real meaning of luck.
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