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Books: New at CADL

New at CADL

New Kids Non-Fiction

These kids non-fiction books are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top).

Learn about rain forest animals, plants, people, and climate while practicing body moves inspired by the forests and drawn from the physical education curriculum.
Once there was a renowned magician called Nivelli, who performed before packed audiences in the grandest theaters of Berlin. Night after night, his fans applauded and called out for more astonishing feats of magic. "Bravo!" they would shout, as Nivelli bo…
An illustrated version of the narrative poem which describes Paul Revere's midnight ride in 1775 to warn the people of the Boston countryside of an impending attack by the British.
Learn about polar animals, people, and climate while practicing body moves inspired by the arctic region and drawn from the physical education curriculum.
Biographies of ten children from around the world who opened up their hearts and minds to the injustices of the world and took action, changing their world for the better. In addition to the ten main profiles, sidebars feature many more children."--Publis…
Presents easy-to-follow instructions for building such vehicles as sports cars, tractors, and a classic car.
Julius Caesar was a force to be reckoned with as a savvy politician, an impressive orator, and a brave soldier. Born in Rome in 100 BC, he quickly climbed the ladder of Roman politics, making allies and enemies along the way. His victories in battle award…
Provides an introduction to the Holocaust through the personal testimonies and diaries of those who survived.
An official guide to Minecraft construction shares essential tips and tricks for building creative structures and innovations ranging from theme parks and waterslides to pirate coves and animal cannons.
Jack E. Levin, #1 New York Times bestselling author of George Washington: The Crossing, presents a beautifully designed chronicle--complete with maps, portraits, and other Civil War illustrations--detailing President Abraham Lincoln's historic Second Inau…
One day the artist Matisse cut a small bird from a piece of white paper... Thus begins the story of a new kind of art, featuring full color reproductions of eight works by Matisse, three of them in foldout form.
A collection of Mutts comics featuring a dog named Earl and a cat named Mooch and their interactions with each other, humans, and neighborhood animals.
The historical significance of the Great Lakes region stretches from thousands of years ago to the present day. Home to factories, important historical landmarks, and miles of coastline, the Great Lakes region is steeped in the past, but looking ahead to …
Collects Thanksgiving stories from the comic strip Peanuts, in which Snoopy is invited to visit his brother Spike, writes a seasonal story, gets his holiday dinner from Charlie Brown, and protects Woodstock from being mistaken for a turkey.
Provides an in-depth introduction to trees, covering biology basics, eleven primary tree types from around the world, and the ways in which trees are an inextricable part of human society, culture, and economy.
Describes the science behind dangerous, wild, and deadly weather, including heat waves, blizzards, thunderstorms, floods, and hurricanes, and explains what can be done about the current extreme weather conditions on the planet.
An introduction to a variety of rainforest animals combines facts with up-close perspectives that depict the animals' characteristics and habitats.
Provides a candid look at young lives upended by violence and strife around the world, including such nations as Rwanda, Lebanon, and Afghanistan.
Introduces the concept of entrepreneurship, covering how to develop ideas into business plans, marketing strategies, and money management.
Follows Alice Waters's work to educate children about healthy food by starting the Edible Schoolyard, and showing that good food starts in the fields with good soil and caring farmers.
Presents a collection of true animal stories from different historical periods, including the tales of Balto the Alaskan sled dog, Smokey Bear, and Internet sensation Christian the lion.
Describes seventeen ways in which some people are unlike everyone else because of differerences in their bodies or their brains, and interviews people with these conditions, many of whom did not know there was anyone else like them.
Presents an account of the two-and-a-half-year expedition that yielded vast knowledge of the West, geographically and scientifically.
Swayam is chosen to be his uncle's markundi during his elaborate wedding ceremony, and details the work that goes into preparing for an Indian wedding.
An introduction to ballet features facts on the dance discipline's history, basic steps, costumes, and famous dancers, and includes details of iconic performances from the Royal Ballet.
"Now you can become a junior genius with Ken Jennings' first children's series! With this book you'll become an expert and wow your friends and teachers with out-of-this-world facts: Did you know that Mars has a volcano bigger than the state of Arizona? O…
An account of the 1965 Delano grape strike, led by activist César Chàvez, describes the causes of the strike, its impact on United States agriculture, and the formation of the United Farm Workers of America.
"A revised Team Spirit Basketball edition featuring the Boston Celtics that chronicles the history and accomplishments of the team. Includes access to the Team Spirit website which provides additional information and photos"--Provided by publisher.
Presents top ten lists covering such topics in professional basketball, primarily the National Basketball Association and its predecessors, as leading players of various types, great teams, and notable hairstyles, uniforms, mascots, and fans.
Looks at the Asian long horned beetle, the threat the invasive insect poses to North American hardwood forests, and the dedicated efforts being made to destroy the beetles before they can damage vulnerable trees.
"The true story of Ivan, known as the Shopping Mall Gorilla, who lived alone in a small cage for almost 30 years before being relocated to the gorilla habitat at ZooAtlanta."-- Provided by publisher.
Examines unusual animal facial features and how they help the animals survive.
Gathers eight traditional stories from Poland, including "The Trumpeter of Kraków" and "The Warsaw Mermaid" that feature dragons, magic, mythical events from Polish history, and the evil witch Baba Jaga.
Presents a collection of children's poems about growing, making, eating, and sharing food.
Presents a selection of street photographs of young children, depicting how they stand up tall, hang out with their friends, fall and get back up, play, need a hug, and are proud of what they know.
"Provides ten tools to help students improve executive functions such as focus, motivation, organization, self-monitoring, and more"--Provided by publisher.
"A biography of African American musician Melba Doretta Liston, a virtuoso musician who played the trombone and composed and arranged music for many of the great jazz musicians of the twentieth century"--Provided by publisher.
"Would you like to know the future? And, will it be what we think it will be, or will today's predictions be laughably wrong? In Hello from 2030, middle graders get a peek at what's coming just around the corner. In the year 2030, today's kids will be gra…
"An up close look at the ocean's most fearsome and famous predator and the scientists who study them--just twenty-six miles from the Golden Gate Bridge"--Provided by publisher.
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