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Books: New at CADL

New at CADL

New Kids Non-Fiction

These kids non-fiction books are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top).

Redstone experts guide you through all aspects of working with Redstone including mining, smelting, using repeaters, circuit components and circuit designs.
Presents a historical examination of Jesus that considers the political and cultural factors that contributed to his trial, conviction, and sentencing.
An easy-to-read retelling of the Greek myth of the Cyclops, who traps Odysseus and his friends and threatens to eat them.
Highlighting 2014's top basketball stars on the court. Including LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Tony Parker and many more! Features detailed player information and tons of fantastic photos.
Caldecott Honoree and NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author/artist Jon J Muth takes a fresh and exciting new look at the four seasons! With a featherlight touch and disarming charm, Jon J Muth--and his delightful little panda bear, Koo--challenge readers to s…
A guide to the characters, the gadgets and vehicles, and the adventures possible while playing the action-adventure video game Disney Infinity.
"In Alaska, dogs really are a person's best friend. These true canine stories from the last frontier describe remarkable acts of intelligence, stamina, loyalty, and heroism by Balto, Togo, Tekla, Stickeen, and more of Alaska's famous dogs. From traversing…
In the summer of 1941, Yankee center fielder Joe DiMaggio and his favorite bat, Betsy Ann, begin the longest hitting streak in baseball history. But when Betsy Ann goes missing, will DiMaggio keep hitting? Set on the brink of World War II, this is a spell…
Collects adventures of the self-proclaimed genius Nate Wright as he deals with people who don't understand him, including his annoying older sister, clueless dad, and teachers.
Garfield shifts the laughs into overdrive in this latest collections of all-new comics. Whether he's booting Nermal through the front door or battling Mrs. Feeny's lawn gnome, the fat cat keeps the mischief and mayhem coming fast and furious. Let the wild…
This delightfully humorous collection of poems offers children and the young at heart a refreshing, inventive look at the world from the well-known Dutch author, Annie Schmidt. Ordinary events and places become extraordinary adventures full of imagination…
Using only discarded items from the recycling bin, a guide to six simple machines harnesses kid power by inviting young readers to build gadgets of their own design while encouraging them to look differently at objects in everyday life.
The classic poem shows the ways to enjoy an apple pie in alphabetical order, and is accompanied by other traditional nursery rhymes.
Introduces Indonesia, describing its history, geography, culture, everyday life, educational system, cuisine, language, and religion, as well as discussing traditional regional costumes, music, and dance.
"Read about Willis Haviland Carrier's early life on a farm, his desire to go to college, and the creation of air conditioning"--Provided by publisher.
"Read about Percy's early life, his work with radar tubes, and find out how he invented the microwave"--Provided by publisher.
"Follow the photographic journey of orphaned polar bear Kali (pronounced Cully) as he is rescued and whisked away to the Inupiat village of Kali (Point Lay in English). Villagers care for him until a plane flies him to the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage. There, …
Offers a look at what it will take to send humans to Mars, exploring the latest designs in spacesuits and rovers, how microgravity works, and what astronauts can expect to encounter as they travel and when they land.
An introduction to light and how it helps us to see profiles different kinds of light, including sunlight, firelight and electric light, and provides interactive experiments readers can perform at school or at home.
Describes how to clean and tidy up a room, including picking up clothes, making one's bed, and vacuuming the carpet.
Presents the history of exploration, from explorers in ancient times to the discovery and exploration of Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, Antarctica, and outer space.
Provides step-by-step instructions for completing twenty-five rubber band loom projects, including jewelry, hair accessories, and toys.
An easy-to-read retelling of the Greek myth of Pandora, whose curiosity leads her to open a box marked "Do Not Open!" and let loose all kinds of trouble.
"From colonial times to the modern day, two things have remained constant in American history: the destructive power of fires and the bravery of those who fight them. Fighting Fire! brings to life ten of the deadliest infernos this nation has ever endured…
Presents a visual survey of Lois Ehlert's artistic career that reflects on her parents' support, her early creative experiments and her behind-the-scenes book-making processes.
"Have you ever seen a car crash? How about dozens of car crashes all at the same time? At demolition derbies, you'll see drivers ram their cars into one another until only one car remains moving. Crowds roar and cheer as hoods and doors and other car part…
Introduces the physical characteristics, habitats, life cycle, and eating habits of dolphins.
"The stories of two dozen fascinating female explorers, from a wide range of eras, cultures, races, and economic backgrounds, are profiled in this entertaining and educational resource. Each of the women profiled overcame many obstacles to satisfy her cur…
"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better." Before Ralph Waldo Emerson was a great writer, he was a city boy who longed for the broad, open fields and deep, still woods of the country, and then a young man who treasured books, i…
Discusses some of the information sent back from "Curiosity," the Mars Rover, including pictures of the Martian landscape, traces of water in Martian soil, and the key chemicals necessary for life.
Presents the concept of suffixes to young readers by using rhyming text and colorful characters.
A busy girl who feels stressed by her full schedule of school, soccer, piano lessons, homework, and chores learns from her parents ways to deal with her stress.
Profiles sixteen bird species and explores informative sidebars that underscore specific ways each bird uses its feather for a variety of practical purposes.
A young boy explains the different plants and parts of plants that people commonly eat, from roots and tubers to fruits and vegetables.
Examines various forms of body art, including tattoos, makeup, and piercings, and provides examples of how people throughout history have creatively modified their bodies.
Presents one hundred one important mathematics facts, covering such topics as pie charts, problem solving, equations, and formulas.
"A thorough explanation of the formation and effects of rain."--Provided by publisher.
Chronicles the adventures of the droid C-3PO and his friend, R2-D2 as they travel around the galaxy.
Presents photographs of Star Wars characters and vehicles for identification.
Presents a visual tribute to the history of baseball.
Describes how Ellen Prentiss received sailing lessons from her father during childhood, married a ship captain, and helped set a world speed record during the Gold Rush era.
An illustrated collection of silly nonsense poems about topics kids care about: talents, avoiding homework, friends, and more.
An introduction to The Beatles includes coverage of Lennon's Liverpool childhood, the friendship between McCartney and Harrison, the contributions of manager Brian Epstein and record label boss George Martin, and the group's famous tour to the USA.
Through her great capacity to love, a kind and beautiful maid releases a handsome prince from the spell which has made him an ugly beast.
Based on the eye-opening best-selling series, this 90-day devotional for kids ages 9-12 explores the life of Jesus and what it means to be a Christian, while also tackling tough questions kids ask about God. For kids who want to learn more about their fai…
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