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Books: New at CADL

New at CADL

New Kids Easy Reader Books

These easy readers are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top). They areĀ for kids just starting to read on their own.

Gram is making jam. The rats attack! Can Ann, Fran, and Stan save Gram, and the jam?
A dinosaur has a birthday party.
A dinosaur tells us about the activities he likes to do in the fall.
Walking their dogs in the park, Minnie, Daisy, and Cuckoo-Loca are forced to break into a run when their dogs smell the hot dog cart, a situation that causes Minnie to devise a solution.
When someone on Earth steals a key and plots to use it for evil, the four Tenkai Knights learn that they can be much more powerful if they team together.
Different dinosaurs introduce colors and share something that is the same color.
Paddington, a bear from Peru, visits London, where everything from having tea to taking the London Underground is an adventure.
Introduces Paddington, a bear from Peru, and his many friends, who help him out of curious situations.
Annie, an optimistic orphan living in a New York foster home, is taken in by billionaire Will Stacks to help his mayoral campaign.
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