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New at CADL

New Kids Easy Reader Books

These easy readers are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top). They areĀ for kids just starting to read on their own.

"When the GUP-E stopes working, Peso finds himself trapped deep in the ocean--the shadowy home of a big-eyed spookfish. Can the curious creature help Pego get back to base?"--Cover page [4].
A little girl and her cat enjoy their lunch of cheese, apples, crackers, and milk in different ways.
Pete the Cat bites into a bad banana and vows never to eat bananas again, even though he generally likes the fruit.
Young Detective Jeffrey Bones begins gathering clues when Mr. Green asks for his help finding the school bus he lost while shopping at the mall.
Sniffy is gone! His feelings are hurt and he ran away. Sheerluck Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson are on the case. Who hurt Sniffy’s feelings? And will he ever forgive him?
The Boxtrolls, who have raised a human boy named Eggs as one of their dumpster-diving team, are targeted by a villanous pest exterminator, and must turn to their adopted charge for help.
Trying to keep the Rebels' secret plans from Darth Vader, robots C-3PO and R2D2 crash land on Tatooine and meet a young farmer named Luke.
When Huff and Puff haul a lot of stuff they realize they are stuck with too much and need help.
Describes how Anna, Elsa, and the rest of Arendelle celebrate Christmas.
Wanting to win a blue ribbon at the Third-Grade Breakfast Bash, Frank Pearl has three shots at a prize, and with the support of Judy Moody as well as his amazing yo-yo trick, there's no way Frank can miss out on a trophy this time.
Hoping to secure her career as an ace reporter in spite of limited happenings in quiet Frog Neck Lake, Amy Namey teams up with Judy Moody to search for an exciting news story involving the famed Great Virginia Sea Serpent.
Digger is not feeling well but after his sister, Daisy, convinces him to go see a doctor she must still persuade him to be brave by getting her own examination.
Rocky and Daisy are two dogs with too much energy and a trip to the dog park seems like the perfect answer.
Even though they do things very differently, friends Fred and Ted enjoy going camping together in the woods.
Three friends learn, love, and play together.
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