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New at CADL

New Kids Easy Reader Books

These easy readers are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top). They areĀ for kids just starting to read on their own.

Join Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as they battle a host of dangerous villains. Learn about the heroes' incredible powers and discover what happens when they work together to save the day.
Chief Stoick wants to train his own dragon and enlists his son Hiccup to help him tame the most ferocious species yet.
Describes the world of Chima, where powerful tribes use CHI orbs to power up their vehicles, weapons, and even themselves.
Gathers tales about an unusual spotted creature, a group of frightened farm animals, a baby bird, dogs, two birds looking for a place to nest, and a young rabbit, that originally appeared in books published by Beginner Books.
"Meet Daisy the cat. She is so happy to be leaving the shelter with all those loud dogs. Travel along with her as she meets her new family, and discovers that 'Oh, no!' they have a dog too!" --Provided by publisher.
Katie Woo wants to learn an instrument, but she is having trouble deciding what kind of music suits her best.
Katie is enrolled in a gymnastics class, but when she has trouble doing some of the moves she gets discouraged and considers dropping out.
When Charlie the ranch dog tries to help Abigail the calf, who is stuck in the mud, he gets stuck too.
"Lots of puppies get lost. How will they get home?"--back cover.
Baymax explains who he is and how he and his friends fight the evil Yokai in the city of San Fransokyo.
Explains what each member of the fire crew does and how they help each other battle the flames.
"Barbie is competing in a baking contest! But with Raquelle as her competitor, who will win?" --From back cover.
"Princess Kara learns she has superpowers! Can she save her kingdom from an evil enemy?"--Page [4] of cover.
"Funny bunnies are up with the sun. They really do not want to be late. Funny bunnies are ready for fun. Today is going to be so great!"--Page 4 of cover.
Learn all about Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow and the rest of the Super Friends!
"There is a volcano in the new Dinosaur Park. Some engines think it will erupt! What will Thomas do?"--Page 4 of cover.
Collects twelve books full of Little Critter antics with each story featuring short and long vowel sounds.
Profiles the fun-loving snowman from the film "Frozen."
Norville the dragon is covered in mud, but does not like baths, so Gina and Wally plan a bath party to get him clean
The Kratt brothers activate their creature powers to introduce readers to different types of reptiles and what they can do.
Rebel Sabine takes on a cadre of stormtroopers and uses her artistic talent to tag a TIE fighter.
"Chronicles Aaron's attempts to beat the heat"--Provided by publisher.
A strange power source called the EggSpark has crashed into Piggy Island and turned the birds, pigs, and eggs into robots, as the Egg-bots start destroying the island the Autobirds and Deceptihogs must work together to stop them.
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