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New at CADL

New Kids Easy Reader Books

These easy readers are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top). They are for kids just starting to read on their own.

Dora introduces the new friends she has made now that she lives in a big city--comical Pablo, Emma the musician, smart scientist Naiya, Kate the playwright and actress, and athletic Alana--and describes some of the things they do together.
The members of Team Umizoomi search for Farmer Dan's animals--a donkey, two chickens, three mice, and four pigs--at school.
Shy Princess Alexa, who has difficulty dancing, steps through a secret door in the garden into a world where she has magic powers and must save the Queen Unicorn from evil Princess Malucia.
Having just received her driver's license in the mail, a delighted Barbie agrees to drive her friends to the beach--even though she's never actually learned how to drive.
Although he is supposed to keep it a secret, Sherman uses Mr. Peabody's time-traveling machine, the WABAC, to take his friend Penny to ancient Egypt, only to unleash all sorts of trouble.
Minnie hires Penguini the Magnificent to put on a magic show at her fashion line release party, but when Penguini leaves to get his lucky bow tie, Millie and Melody must jump in and save the day.
It is a Sunday morning, and Camille has so many things to do that she can hardly wait for the day to begin.
When Olivia and Francine can't agree on the Halloween decorations for their classroom, Olivia decides to focus on her costume instead.
"Katy Duck is excited for Halloween. Until she sees Alice Duck dressed up in a shimmery, glimmery outfit. Katy wishes she was shimmery and glimmery, too. But with a little help from Alice and Ralph, Katy realizes that her costume is still very special. An…
Mr. and Mrs. Green, the alligator couple, compete in a guessing contest to win all of the gumballs in a giant gumball machine.
Tiny the dog returns to obedience school and teaches the other dogs how to receive treats.
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