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New at CADL

New Adult Graphic Novels

These adult graphic novels are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top).

Nonfiction graphic novel explaining the physiology of the brain and describing theoretical and experimental developments that led to our present understanding.
Presents four different stories chronicling the horror presented in the movie 28 days later: the development of the virus; a family's attempt to survive the Rage Virus's initial outbreak; a lone survivor battling the infected in London; and a shocking con…
"The Eisner award-winning team behind 100 BULLETS--writer Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Rissoe, reunites to tell the story of the baddest Minuteman of all. When last we saw Lono in 100 BULLETS, Dizzy Cordova had shot him through the chest... but Lono…
Imprisoned by her husband and forced to roll cigars despite a nicotine allergy, Conchita Marquez falls in love with a sailor while on a journey to cure her ailment that leads to their becoming trapped in Orson Welles's drawing room.
A master cartoonist and war vet details Japan’s involvement in World War II. Showa 1939–1944: A History of Japan continues the award-winning author Shigeru Mizuki’s autobiographical and historical account of Showa-era Japan. This volume …
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