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Why were all my holds changed to the Aurelius branch?


When a branch is closed for renovations, one of the steps we take is to remove that branch from the list of possible locations to pick up a hold. However, that has a strange side effect in the account view in the catalog. For holds that still have the temporarily closing branch as a pickup location, the system won't be able to find that branch in the list, so the system will default to the first available location in the list, which happens to be Aurelius (because they're in alphabetical order). So it will look like the pickup location has been changed to Aurelius, but it actually has not.

What to do? Because the branch is or soon will be closed, please choose another branch from the list and click the Update button to save your change. (Aurelius is a lovely branch with friendly staff, so don't necessarily count them out :-)

If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to call or ask the next time you are in any of our branches.

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