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401 S. Capitol Ave. P.O. Box 40719 Lansing, MI 48901-7919

Voice: 517.367.6300 Fax: 517.374.1068

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE HOURS 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday

See the branch pages to contact specific libraries.

See the staff directory to contact individuals.


Do you have WiFi?


Yes. Each of our libraries has no-cost wireless service.

You will need:

  • A laptop, tablet, smart phone, or other device with a Wi-Fi network card (802.11a, b, or g) that is configured to obtain an IP address automatically
  • A standard Internet web browser (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari) that is configured to accept session cookies

Please note:

  • Use of the network is at your own risk.
  • Library staff cannot assist individual users with the configuration of their equipment beyond providing a basic troubleshooting handout (PDF*).
  • Web sites, web-based email, IM clients and FTP are allowed. Other software that uses non-standard Internet ports or that pose security risks may be blocked.
  • Printing is not available via the wireless service. To print, save your document to a USB flash drive or email it to yourself and use one of the library’s public access computers.
  • You may not play sound through the speakers on your device. Please mute the speakers or use headphones.
  • The library does not guarantee convenient access to electrical power plugs, so users should plan to use battery power with their devices.
  • Because we do not require a library card to verify age, all wireless Internet access is filtered in accordance with our Internet Access Policy. If a user of the wireless service over the age of 18 wants to access content blocked by the filter, s/he may instead use one of the library’s unfiltered computers.

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